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Precious Metals Briefing

Jul 19, 2023

 Discover how a growing number of nations are turning towards gold-backed currencies, and away from the US dollar.


00:50: Is BRICS Ready To Unveil A New Gold-Backed Currency?

5:08: How Would The U.S. React To A New Gold-Backed Currency?

7:51: What Is China’s Role In BRICS?

14:16: Which BRICS Nations Own...

Apr 7, 2023

Economic uncertainty keeps rising. Policymakers can’t control inflation and have created an energy crisis. Banks are failing, and China is directly challenging the US dollar. Today you will discover why this acute economic uncertainty is happening and how precious metals may offer some stability.



Nov 30, 2022

Discover what moves you can make to safeguard your wealth as America’s leaders sabotage our financial systems.


1:01: How Is America Broken?

2:11: Why Is The Government Destroying The Middle Class?

3:17: What Is The Future Of The Dollar?

6:14: How Can The U.S. Save Itself From Bankruptcy?

7:55: Does Crypto...

Nov 22, 2022

Discover what the future of money will be as we grapple with inflation of the dollar, the collapse of crypto, and the surge in gold.


1:08: What Is The Future Of The U.S. Dollar?

6:08: How Do Savers Survive Inflation?

9:44: How Does Crypto’s Dive Impact Gold?

21:15: How Much Time Does The U.S. Economy Have...

Mar 4, 2022

Jerry and Dennis Gartman discuss how massive uncertainty in geo-politics, the economy, and health is driving gold prices higher.


1:11: Has The World Ever Been More Uncertain?

2:02: How Is Gold A Good Investment Today?

6:55: What’s Wrong With Cryptos?

7:46: How Are Geo-Politics Causing Banking Risk?